Activities on the campsite

Something for every taste…

We appreciate that there are activities for everyone on the campsite.

Therefore a few of the events include face paint, baking twist bread by the beach, crab fishing, mountainbiking, kayaking, aquafitness, table tennis and table football.

At some of our events a participation fee is charged.

Besides that, you are welcome to try our brand-new Adventure Mini Golf course with plenty of challenges.

Come and enjoy a fun play with your family or friends as well as the lovely surroundings of the golf course.



Fun and play for all ages

We also offer big playgrounds with large jumping pillows and sandpits.

We have a ball pit, slides and huge toy bricks.

For those who are into swimming fun and relaxation for the whole family we have a 250 m2 swimming pool with a 36 m2 children’s basin.

The deck chairs located around the pool are perfect for anyone who wants a relaxing day in the sun.



Tournaments in all formats

We often arrange tournaments in football, volleyball and the Viking game ”Kubb” by our playing fields near the beach.

Like the playing fields near the beach, the Mini-Arena provides the ideal surroundings for settling championships in our highland area.



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